NHL TV Schedule 2/27-3/5



NBCSN-Kings at Wild 8pm


SN1-Capitals at Rangers 7pm and Kings at Flames 930pm

NBCSN-Avalanche at Flyers 730pm


NBCSN-Penguins at Blackhawks 8pm


NBCSN-Rangers at Bruins 7pm


SN1-Lightning at Penguins 7pm


HNIC-Canadiens at Rangers 7pm, Avlaanche at Jets 7pm, Blue Jackets at Senators, Canucks at Kings 10pm and Red Wings at Oilers 10pm


NBCSN-Blues at Avalanche 8pm

SN-Canucks at Ducks 8pm

NHL Games to Watch 2/20-26


NHL Net.-Panthers at Blues 8pm


NBCSN-Blackhawks at Wild 8pm

SN1-Flames at Predators 8pm


SN-Oilers at Panthers 730pm and Bruins at Ducks 10pm

NBCSN-Capitals at Flyers 8pm


SN360-Avalanche at Predators 8pm

NBCSN-Coyotes at Blackhawks 830pm

SN-Bruins at Kings 1030pm


NHL Net.-Oilers at Capitals 7pm


NHL Net.- Ducks at Kings 4pm

NBC-Flyers vs Penguins 8pm (PNC Park) also on Sportsnet

HNIC-Canadiens at Leafs 7pm (CBC) and Sharks at Canucks 10pm (CBC)


NBC-Bruins at Stars 1230pm

NHL Net.-Blue Jackets at Rangers 5pm

SN360-Oilers at Predators 5pm

NBCSN-Blues at Blackhawks 7pm

SN-Senators at Panthers 730pm

NHL Thoughts 2/15


1.The Capitals are the hottest team right now, once again they have the offense to go far, but, will their defense and Holtby play well in the playoffs?

2.The Blue Jackets have cooled off alot, which I expected, they do not have the offense to go far, I see them being 1 and done in the playoffs.

3.If Lundquivst can play like his old self, I can see the Rangers making noise, the talent is there.

4.The Pens will be tough as well with Crosby and friends, Boston has started to play better since Bruce Cassidy took over as coach, if they play well look out, their defense is tough.

5.Claude Julien gets fired from Boston and hired by Montreal 5 days later, good move for the Habs, they needed a change.


1.This is a different Wild team, their offense is better and they are fun to watch under Bruce Boudreau

2.The Hawks and Sharks will be threats as they have the talent to go far as usual.

3.The Blues losing Brian Elliot hurt them alot, they will be in the playoffs but, I see them as 1 and done.

4.The Kings got the 8th seed and if Quick comes back healthy look out, they will not be an easy out

5.The Oilers are fun to watch, give them 2 or 3 years and I can see them contending for the Cup, they will be in the playoffs and tough but, not at that high level yet, but, very soon they will be.


NHL TV Games 2/13-20


NBCSN-Rangers at Blue Jackets 730pm


NHL Net.-Canucks at Penguins 7pm


NBCSN-Blues at Red Wings 8pm and Panthers at Sharks 1030pm

Sportsnet- Maple Leafs at Blue Jackets 7pm

SN 360- Flyers at Flames 9pm


NBCSN-Avalanche at Sabres 730pm

TVAS-Rangers at Islanders 7pm

SN-Canucks at Blues 8pm


NHL Net.-Penguins at Blue Jackets 7pm

SN1- Panthers at Ducks 10pm


NHL Net.-Capitals at Red Wings 2pm

Hockey Day In Canada- Jets at Canadiens 2pm CBC, Senators at Maple Leafs 7pm CNC, Oilers at Blackhawks 7pm SN and NHL Net.and Flames at Canucks 10pm CBC


Hockey Day in America-Capitals at Rangers 1230pm NBC, Red Wings at Penguins 3pm NBC, Blackhawks at Sabres 6pm NBCSN and Bruins at Sharks 8330pm NBCSN

SN 360-Maple Leafs at Hurricanes 7pm and Flyers at Canucks 10pm

TVAS-Jets at Senators 5pm

NHL TV Schedule 2/1-5


8pm-Bruins at Capitals NBCSN

10pm-Wild at Flames SN360

1030pm-Avalanche at Kings NBCSN


730pm-Rangers at Sabres NBCSN


730pm-Islanders at Red Wings NHL Net.

730pm- Oilers at Hurricanes SN


HNIC- Leafs at Bruins 7pm CBC, Senators at Sabres 7pm SN and Wild at Canucks SN and CBC

1pm-Kings at Flyers NHL Net.

8pm- Blackhawks at Stars NHL Net.


1230pm-Kings at Capitals NBC

1pm-Oilers at Canadiens SN

7pm- Flames at Rangers SN360