NHL Rankings 1/23

1.Capitals, 2.Blackhawks, 3.Wild, 4.Blue Jackets,5.Penguins, 6.Canadiens, 7.Rangers, 8.Ducks, 9.San Jose and 10.Oilers

1.Who would have thought the Capitals would be #1 a month ago, they are loaded and finally playing up to par.

2.Give credit to Bruce Boudreau, he has made the Wild play better and they are fun to watch.

3.In the end I still feel the top teams will be the same bunch, Pens, Rangers, Blackhawks,Capitals and Canadiens.

NHL Games to Watch 1/23-29


1.  Kings at Rangers 7pm SN

2.Sharks at Avalanche 9pm NBCSN


1.Kings at Devils 7pm

2.Blues at Penguins 7pm NBCSN

3.Lightning at Blackhawks 830pm


1.Maple Leafs at Red Wings 7pm SN

2.Flyers at Rangers 7pm NBCSN

3.Oilers at Ducks 10pm


1.Capitals at Devils 7pm

2.Maple Leafs at Flyers 7pm

3.Blues at Wild 8pm NBCSN

4.Jets at Blackhawks 830pm

5. Oilers at Sharks 1030pm


NHL Best Games 1/9-16


7pm-Panthers at Devils (Center Ice)

730pm-Capitals at Canadiens (NHL Net.)

1030pm-Stars at Kings (CI)


7pm-Flyers at Sabres (CI)

8pm-Bruins at Blues (NBCSN) and Canucks at Predators (CI)

830pm-Red Wings at Blackhawks (CI)

9pm-Sharks at Oilers  (CI)

10pm-Stars at Ducks (CI)


730pm-Canadiens at Jets (Sportsnet and CI)

8pm-Penguins at Capitals (NBCSN)

930pm-Sharks at Flames (SN and CI)


7pm-Canucks at Flyers (CI)

730pm-Penguins at Senators (CI)

8pm-Canadiens at Wild (NBCSN)

830pm-Red Wings at stars (CI)

9pm-Devils at Oilers (CI) and Ducks at Avalanche (CI)

1030pm-Blues at Kings (SN and CI)


7pm-Leafs at Rangers (CI) and Blackhawks at Capitals (NHL Net.)

730pm-Blue Jackets at Lighnitng (SN and CI)

9pm-Devils at Flames (CI) and Jets at Coyotes (CI)


1pm-Flyers at Bruins (NHL Net.)

7pm-Rangers at Canadiens (SN and CI), Leafs at Senators (CBC and CI) and Penguins at Red Wings (NHL Net.)

8pm-Wild at Stars (CI)

10pm-Flames at Oilers (CBC and CI) and Jets at Kings (SN and CI)


1230pm-Flyers at Capitals (NHL Net.)

7pm-Wild at Blackhawks (NBCSN) and Devils at Canucks (SN and CI)

9pm-Ducks at Blues (CI)

NHL Games to Watch 1/1-1/9


TV Games- Red Wings vs Leafs 3pm NBC and SN (BMO Field, Centennial Classic) and Flyers at Ducks 8pm NHL Net.


TV Game-Blackhawks at Blues 1pm NBC and SN Busch Stadium, Winter Classic)

1.Bruins at Devils 7pm SN


TV Games- Sabres at Rangers 7pm and Kings at Sharks 10pm both on NBCSN

1.Leafs at Capitals 7pm

2.Oilers at Blue Jackets 7pm

3.Canadiens at Predators 8pm


TV Games- Rangers at Flyers 8pm NBCSN, Jets at Panthers 7pm SN1 and Canadiens at Stars 8pm SN 360

1.Red Wings at Ducks 1030pm


TV Games- Sabres at Blackhawks 830pm NBCSN, Oilers at Bruins 7pm SN and Ted Wings at Kings 1030pm SN

1.Blue Jackets at Capitals 7pm

2.Wild at Sharks 1030pm


TV Game-Hurricanes at Blackhawks 830pm NHL Net.

1.Predators at Panthers 730pm


HNIC-Canadiens at Leafs 7pm CBC and NHL Net., Capitals at Senators 7pm CITY, Oilers at Devils 7pm SN and Canucks at Flames 10pm CBC

TV Games-Lightning at Flyers 1pm NHL Net. and SN1, Wild at Kings 4pm NHL Net. and Canadiens at Leafs NHL Net.

1.Rangers at Blue Jackets 7pm

2.Stars at Blues 8pm

3.Red Wings at Sharks 1030pm


TV Games- Lightning at Penguins 1pm NHL Net., Oilers at Senators 7pm SN and Wild at Ducks NBCSN

1.Flyers at Blue Jackets 6pm

2. Predators at Blackhawks 7pm