NHL Thoughts 12/31


Favorites  – Penguins, Canadiens and Rangers

1.I did not put the hot Blue Jackets as I feel they are not a playoff ready team with no real scoring threat.

2.I like the Penguins and Rangers, the Penguins offense is better so they will be the winner in the East.The Habs have the same problem again as they are a good regular season team but, can they get over the hump?

Contenders- Blue Jackets and Bruins

1.The Blue Jackets and Canadiens lack a scoring threat needed to go far, defense can only do so much in the playoffs while the Bruins could be tough with their smart system and experience.

Wild Card- Capitals

1.If they can get a wild card spot look out, the talent is there.


Favorites-Blackhawks, Sharks and Wild

1.I put the Wild in here as they do have the talent to shock a few teams ,but, they are not at the Blackhawks or Sharks level.

Contenders- Oilers and Blues

1.Losing Brian Elliott to the Flames, put the Blues out of the Favorite level, the Oilers are young and need a few years.

Dark horse- Kings and Predators

1.Once they get Quick back they will be a threat to make a few moves in the playoffs.

2.Nashville wont get far, but, they could be tough as the 8th seed against the likes of the Sharks or Hawks.

East Final Prediction-

Penguins vs Canadiens- Pens in 6

West Final Prediction-

Blackhawks vs Sharks- Hawks in 6

Stanley Cup- Hawks vs Pens

Hawks in 6



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