NHL Ramblings 11/28


1.The East has the Canadiens on top once again, with a healthy Carey Price they have played well recently.

2.The Penguins and Rangers are also right there as both are good as expected.

3.The firing of Gerard Gallant is shocking as he was doing a decent job and in my opinion too fast to fire a coach this season.

4.The Islanders are still disappointing and I thought they would be better,they host the Flames after a hard west coast trip that saw them beat the Ducks, but, lose to the Kings and Sharks.

5. The Red Wings fell apart in what looked to be a good season they now sit in 14th, while the devils and Blue Jackets keep plying well, the Blue Jackets are a smart team and the Devils are better than expected.


1.The Blackhawks and Blues are still the crop of the West as expected, but, young exciting Edmonton is finally playing to their potential and could be a threat as they have shown to be able to score.

2.Minnesota has turned up their play and are being tough to beat as well as the Sharks who are just as good as last season.

3.The Kings have turned things around after a slow start to the season winning 5 in a row

4.The Avalanche are disappointing again, the Coyotes are bad as expected, while the Canucks slowly playing better.

Teams of the week-

1.East- Senators ( won 4 in a row)

2.West-Kings (won 5 in a row)


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