NHL Thoughts 10/19


1.Right now Tampa and Washington are the top teams in the East as expected with the Pens, Rangers and Montreal right there

2.The Islanders have not gotten off to the start they wanted, barely winning their home opener then losing to the Sharks after losing to the Capitals and the Rangers

3.The Rangers are fun to watch, they have alot more speed and their 2 loses were close 3-2 to the Blues and 2-1 to the Red Wings

4.Toronto will be fun to watch with their young talent, they might not be at a playoff level yet, but, they have shown signs of being fun to watch.

5.I feel the East will have 5 teams in the mix for the cup (Pens Caps, Bolts, Rangers and Habs)


1.St. Louis has been a nice surprise so far, without Brian Elliott in goal, Jake Allen has done just fine

2.The Canucks are also 3-0 and their defense has been good so far

3.Minnesota has shown signs of playing well winning over the Jets and Kings

4.While on the other end the Kings are 0-3 and their goaltending is not good right now, they need Jeff Zatkoff or Peter Budaj to step up until Jonathan Quick returns and that could be until January

5.The best teams are 3 right now (Blues, Hawks and Sharks)


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