NHL Best Non TV Games 10/17-23

These are the best games not on national TV


1.Avalanche at Penguins 7pm, both teams can score and will score leading to a fun game with goals

2.Sens at Red Wings 730pm-The last home opener at the Joe.


1.Sharks at Islanders 7pm-Another test for the Islanders against a tough west coast team

2.Penguins at Canandiens 730pm- (SN360 in Canada), always fun to watch the Habs’ home opener plus the Pens are a good team


1.Red Wings at Rangers 8pm- yes the game is on NBCSN, but, its just that and the Leafs at Jets which is good but, no history like the Wings Rangers has being an original 6 game


1.Sharks at Penguins 7pm-Stanley Cup rematch and its not on national TV

2.Blues at Oilers 9pm- Big test for the young Oilers


1.Blackhawks at Blue Jackets 7pm


1.Leafs at Blackhawks 7pm- (CBC in Canada) an orgininal 6 game

2.Canadiens at Bruins 7pm (City in Canada) a big time rivalry

3.Canucks at Kings 10pm-(CBC in Canada)2 teams that should battle for the playoffs


1.Wild at islanders 6pm-Good test for both teams, and both should be playoff teams

2.Canucks at Ducks 8pm-Ducks’ home opener


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