NHL Rankings 12/27



1.Stars, 2.Capitals, 3.Panthers, 4.Red Wings, 5.Kings, 6.Blues, 7.Canadiens, 8. Rangers, 9.Islanders and 10. Blackhawks

1.How the might have fallen with the Canadiens going 1 to 7 on their slide of 6 loses in a row, the Rangers are dropped down as well and they have not been good recently.

2.The Kings are starting to play good hockey hence why they are ahead of the Blues.

3.The Stars right now are the best team in the league.

4. Florida is 3 because they are hot, how long it lasts? No one knows.

Next 2:

1.Wild and 2.Senators

NHL TV Schedule 12/21-1/3


Tuesday 12/22-Canadiens at Wild 8pm NBCSN and Sharks at Kings 1030pm NBCSN

Saturday 12/26-Canadiens at Capitals NHL Net.

Tuesday-12/29- Predators at Blues 8pm NBCSN

Wednesday 12/30- Rangers at Lightning 8pm NBCSN and Flyers at Sharks 1030pm NBCSN

Thursday 12/31- Kings at Flames 9pm NHL Net.

Friday 1/1- Canadiens vs Bruins 1pm (Gillette Stadium) NBC

Canada TV-

Tuesday 12/22- Ducks at Rangers 7pm SN1 and Sharks at Kings 103pm SN

Saturday 12/26-Canadiens at Capitals 7pm CBC and Oilers at Canucks 10pm CBC

Sunday 12/27- Leafs at Islanders 6pm SN and Oilers at Flames 9pm SN

Wednesday 12/30- Leafs at Penguins 7pm SN

Thursday 12/31- Penguins at Red Wings 6pm SN and Kings at Flames 9pm SN1

Friday 1/1- Canadiens vs Bruins 1pm (Gillette Stadium) SN

Saturday 1/2-Blues at Leafs 7pm CBC,Islanders at Penguins 7pm SN, Flames at Avalanche 10pm CBC and Jets at Sjarks 10pm SN

Sunday 1/3-Senators at Blackhawks 7pm SN



NHL Rankings and TV Schedule 12/14-20


1.Canadiens, 2.Stars, 3.Capitals, 4.Blues, 5.Blakchawks, 6. Kings, 7.Rangers, 8.Predators, 9. Islanders and 10.Senators

Next 2-

1.Wild and 2.Panthers


TV Schedule:


Monday- Capitals at Penguins 7pm NHL Net.

Tuesday-Avalanche at Blackhawks 830pm NBCSN

Wednesday-Penguins at Bruins 8pm NBCSN

Saturday- Canadiens at Stars 7pm NHL Net.

Sunday- Capitals at Rangers 7pm NHL Net.

Canada TV-

Wednesday- Senators at Capitals 7pm SN

Thursday- Canucks at Flyers 7pm SN 360

Friday- Canucks at Red Wings 730pm SN

Saturday-Kings at Leafs 7pm CBC, Canadiens at Stars 7pm CITY and Oilers at Avalanche 10pm CBC.

Sunday-Flames at Red Wings 7pm SN


NHL Predictions 12/8-13


730pm- Red Wings at Capitals NBCSN

Prediction- 3-1 Caps


730pm- Bruins at Canadiens NBCSN

Prediction- 2-1 Habs, this will be physical and defense minded, whoever makes a mistake will lose here.

10pm- Penguins at Avalanche NBCSN

Prediction- 3-2 Avs, the Pens are struggling to score and that is not a good thing against a team that skates well.

10pm- Rangers at Canucks SN

Prediction- 4-2 Rangers, I expect an open game, the Rangers are the better team and that will show in the 3rd.


9pm- Sabres at Flames SN360

Prediction- 2-1 Flames, defensive game with the Flames scoring late to win.


7pm- Kings at Penguins SN1

Prediction- 2-1 Kings, the Kings do not score much but, play a smart game to get the points.


1pm- Panthers at Bruins SN1

Prediction- 2-1 Bruins, just like the Kings game,expect a physical defensive battle won in the 3rd.

7pm-Capitals at Lightning NHL Net.

Prediction- 4-2 Lightning, both teams can skate well and move the puck well but, the Lightning are just more smarter.

7pm- Senators at Canadiens CBC

Prediction- 2-1 Habs, the Habs do not score much, but are a smart team and that will get them a close win here.

10pm- Rangers at Flames CBC

Prediction- 3-1 Rangers, the Rangers’ offense is better at the Flames like to cause turnovers to score, the Rangers are too smart for that.


7pm- Canucks at Blackhawks NHL Net. and SN

Prediction- 4-2 Hawks, the Hawks are just better right now than the Canucks who are struggling but, have the talent to be better than their record but, tonight will not be the night for them to show that against a good Hawks team.


NHL TV Schedule 12/8-13


NHL Net.- Predators at Bruins 7pm


NBCSN- Red Wings at Capitals 730pm


NBCSN and SN- Bruins at Canadiens 730pm

NBCSN-Penguins at Avalanche 10pm

SN-Rangers at Canucks 10pm


SN360- Sabres at Flames 9pm


SN1- Kings at Penguins 7pm


HNIC-Senators at Canadiens 7pm CBC and CITY and Rangers at Flames 10pm CBC

SN1- Panthers at Bruins 1pm

NHL Net.-Capitals at Lightning 7pm


NHL Net. and SN- Canucks at Blackhawks 8pm (Hometown Hockey on SN, NHL Net. will take SN’s broadcast)

NHL Weekend TV Schedule 12/3-6


SN360- Avalanche at Rangers 7pm and Stars at Canucks 10pm


SN1- Sharks at Ducks 10pm


HNIC- Capitals at Jets 3pm SN1, Leafs at Blues 7pm CBC, Islanders at Senators 7pm CITY, Canadiens at Hurricanes 7pm SN1  and Bruins at Canucks 10pm CBC

NHL Net.- Predators at Red Wings 7pm


SN- Sabres at Oilers 8pm

NHL Net.- Penguins at Ducks 8pm