NHL Thoughts 11/8



1.The Rangers are hot right now, playing well and cementing themselves as contenders

2,Same for Montreal who has a good defense and plays a smart system

3.The Penguins have been disappointing with all their talent they are not playing well and should be better


1.The Kings have turned around since their slow start, good defense and Jonathan Quick playing well helps

2.The biggest surprise is Dallas who has played better than expected

3.The biggest disappointment are the Avalanche who are better than being last.


East Team Of The Week-Rangers

West Team Of The Week-Stars

East Player Of The Week-Tomas Plekanac (Canadiens) 2 goals and 1 assist

West Player Of The Week-Taylor Hall (Oilers) 2 goals and 2 assists

East Goalie Of The Week- Henrik Lundquvist 2 games 2 wins and gave up 3 goals

West Goalie Of The Week- Keri Lehtonen (Stars) 3 games 3 wins, has been good recently


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