NHL Rankings 10/25

1.Canadiens, 2.Lightning, 3.Predators, 4.Capitals, 5.Rangers, 6.Sharks, 7.Kings, 8.Wild, 9. Stars and 10. Islanders

Next 2- 11.Coyotes and 12.Panthers

Contenders and Pretenders:



1.Rangers- As long as Lundquvist is healthy they will be just fine and in the final 4.

2. Lightning- With the same team as last year, they will make a run deep into the playoffs,

3.Penguins- Their key is Marc Andre Fleury, if he stays consistent, they have the offense to make a nice push

4. Capitals- They can score


1.Canadiens- Are they hot now? yes, but, lack of offense will hurt them in the playoff race

2. Islanders- Lack of depth

3.Red Wings- They will make it, but, not go far



1.Kings- With the almost the same team as last season, they will be in the thick of the race.

2. Blackhawks- See above

3.Sharks- New era, new coach, new goalie, they make the final 4

4.Blues-They have the talent, can they put it together?


1.Wild- I would like to move them up to Contenders but, are they good enough?

2. Predators- Same as Montreal, good team, lack of offense will hurt them

3.Dallas- They lack the major experience to go deep

4. Canucks- Just not sold on them yet


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