Rangers and Wild Week Ahead 10/12-18


Thoughts on past week-

1.Very impressed with them winning all 3 games


3 games, Tuesday vs Winnipeg 7pm, Thursday at Montreal 730pm (NHL Net) and Sunday 1pm vs Devils


1.Winnipeg, off to a good start, but. usually they are not an offensive juggernaut that they have been. Prediction, Win

2. Montreal, being their home opener in Montreal with a hyped crowd makes this tough. Prediction, Loss

3. Devils, this is not the Devils team of old. Prediction, Win

2-1 week ahead prediction


Thought on past week-

1.They have not won pretty in their 2 games but, wins are wins.


3 games, Thursday at Arizona 10pm, Friday at Kings 1030pm and Sunday at Ducks 8pm (NHL Net.)


1.Arizona, this is probably their most winnable game, Arizona will play tough, but, are not a top team. Prediction, Win

2.LA, the Kings are off to a bad start and this being a back to back makes it tough, Prediction, Loss

3. Ducks, smart defensive team, expect a grind out game which is tough. Prediction, Loss

1-2 Week ahead prediction


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