NHL Thoughts 10/10



1.The Rangers are playing well and are 3-0 in their games so far, and is Columbus this bad?

2.Buffalo is going to have a long season, they are very young and very bad.

3.Toronto’s defense is still their issue as giving up 5 goals a night will not mean many wins.

4.The Islanders looked out classed tonight after a decent game Friday.

5.The Flames played a tough game and got the extra point this is something to watch as the Flames are known for this being a hard working team.

Team of the night- Rangers

Dud of the night- Flyers


1 game with the Habs at Sens at 7pm


A few day games as its Columbus day.

1. Jets at Islanders and Lightning at Bruins are both at 1pm

2.Blue Jackets at Sabres 3pm

3.Panthers at Flyers 7pm  NHL Net. and Canucks at Ducks 10pm.


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