NHL Thoughts 10/31

1,The Islanders need to play better and play a smarter 3rd period that keeps costing them games (they lost today already 3-2 to NJ)

2.The Kings have gotten better after a bad start.

3.The biggest surprise is the Predators who are playing good so far.

4. No real surprises other than that, the Rangers, Canadiens, Lightning and Sharks are good as advertised.

Games to watch-

1.Bruins at Lightning 7pm

2.Wild at Blues 8pm

3. Flames at Oilers 10pm

NHL Thoughts 10/27



1.Coyotes 0-6 Bruins- This was a huge win for Boston who are starting to play better

2.Blue Jackets 3-1 Devils- I knew Columbus would get going eventually, too good not to

3.Kings 4-1 Jets- The Kings are hot and good as I though they would be

4.Canadiens 1-5 Canucks- The Habs 1st loss and I am not shocked as the Canucks are good


Slow night on the schedule with 3 games

1.Flames at Senators 7pm (SN1)

2. Penguins at Capitals 8pm (NBCSN)

3. Predators at Sharks 1030pm (NBCSN)

NHL Rankings 10/25

1.Canadiens, 2.Lightning, 3.Predators, 4.Capitals, 5.Rangers, 6.Sharks, 7.Kings, 8.Wild, 9. Stars and 10. Islanders

Next 2- 11.Coyotes and 12.Panthers

Contenders and Pretenders:



1.Rangers- As long as Lundquvist is healthy they will be just fine and in the final 4.

2. Lightning- With the same team as last year, they will make a run deep into the playoffs,

3.Penguins- Their key is Marc Andre Fleury, if he stays consistent, they have the offense to make a nice push

4. Capitals- They can score


1.Canadiens- Are they hot now? yes, but, lack of offense will hurt them in the playoff race

2. Islanders- Lack of depth

3.Red Wings- They will make it, but, not go far



1.Kings- With the almost the same team as last season, they will be in the thick of the race.

2. Blackhawks- See above

3.Sharks- New era, new coach, new goalie, they make the final 4

4.Blues-They have the talent, can they put it together?


1.Wild- I would like to move them up to Contenders but, are they good enough?

2. Predators- Same as Montreal, good team, lack of offense will hurt them

3.Dallas- They lack the major experience to go deep

4. Canucks- Just not sold on them yet

NHL Rankings 10/19

1. Montreal, 2. Vancouver, 3. San Jose, 4.Blues, 5. Islanders, 6.Dallas,7. Nashville, 8. Rangers, 9.Winnipeg and 10.LA


1.Montreal has played really well this past week beating the Rangers and Red Wings (next game Tuesday vs Blues)

2.The next 2 spots are virtually inter changeable, both the Sharks and Canucks are even.

3.On the back end, the Coyotes lost 2 in a row while the Kings won 2 in a row which gives the Kings the last spot.

Hockey Thoughts 10/12



1.Is Columbus this bad? They have not looked good in any games this season so far.

2.The Islanders played a complete game and looked energetic for once.

3. Buffalo is young and give them a few years to be real good,

4. Canucks looked good in their 2-1 so win

Team of the day/night-

Islanders- They looked their best today in the win over the Jets

Game of the night- Canucks 2-1 Ducks in a shootout, close game all the way with good saves by Andersen and Miller.


1.Some interesting games with Lightning at Red Wings being the televised game on NBCSN at 730pm eastern.

2. The Pens have their home opener against Montreal at 7pm in a good one.

3.Blues at Flames 9pm and Canucks at Kings 1030pm end the night.

Rangers and Wild Week Ahead 10/12-18


Thoughts on past week-

1.Very impressed with them winning all 3 games


3 games, Tuesday vs Winnipeg 7pm, Thursday at Montreal 730pm (NHL Net) and Sunday 1pm vs Devils


1.Winnipeg, off to a good start, but. usually they are not an offensive juggernaut that they have been. Prediction, Win

2. Montreal, being their home opener in Montreal with a hyped crowd makes this tough. Prediction, Loss

3. Devils, this is not the Devils team of old. Prediction, Win

2-1 week ahead prediction


Thought on past week-

1.They have not won pretty in their 2 games but, wins are wins.


3 games, Thursday at Arizona 10pm, Friday at Kings 1030pm and Sunday at Ducks 8pm (NHL Net.)


1.Arizona, this is probably their most winnable game, Arizona will play tough, but, are not a top team. Prediction, Win

2.LA, the Kings are off to a bad start and this being a back to back makes it tough, Prediction, Loss

3. Ducks, smart defensive team, expect a grind out game which is tough. Prediction, Loss

1-2 Week ahead prediction

NHL Thoughts 10/10



1.The Rangers are playing well and are 3-0 in their games so far, and is Columbus this bad?

2.Buffalo is going to have a long season, they are very young and very bad.

3.Toronto’s defense is still their issue as giving up 5 goals a night will not mean many wins.

4.The Islanders looked out classed tonight after a decent game Friday.

5.The Flames played a tough game and got the extra point this is something to watch as the Flames are known for this being a hard working team.

Team of the night- Rangers

Dud of the night- Flyers


1 game with the Habs at Sens at 7pm


A few day games as its Columbus day.

1. Jets at Islanders and Lightning at Bruins are both at 1pm

2.Blue Jackets at Sabres 3pm

3.Panthers at Flyers 7pm  NHL Net. and Canucks at Ducks 10pm.