NHL Playoff Thoughts


1. Rangers vs Penguins (Rangers have a 3-1 lead)

Thoughts- Every game has been close but, the Rangers have found a way to win 3 of them

2.Canadiens vs Senators (Habs have a 3-1 lead)

Thoughts- The Canadiens are the better team, but, Ottawa will not go away easily

3. Lightning vs Red Wings (Wings have a 2-1 lead)

Thoughts- I expected a close series, the Wings have experience

4. Islanders vs Capitals (2-2)

Thoughts- This is going 7 with the Caps winning


1. Ducks vs Jets (Ducks sweep 4-0)

Thoughts- The Jets had too many injuries to overcome a good Ducks team

2.Blues vs Wild (2-2)

Thoughts- Another 7 game series with the Blues winning

3.Predators vs Hawks (3-1 Hawks lead)

Thoughts- This series ends on Thursday

4. Flames vs Canucks (Flames have a 3-1 lead)

Thoughts- This series will go 6 with the Flames winning

Round 2 Predictions-


1.Rangers vs Caps – Rangers in 6 and 2. Canadiens vs Lightning – Habs in 6 or if its Canadiens vs Wings- Habs in 6 as well


1. Ducks vs Flames- Ducks in 6 and 2. Blues vs Hawks- Hawks in 7


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