NHL TV Schedule 3/30-4/5


830pm- Kings at Blackhawks NBCSN


7pm- Hurricanes at Capitals NHL Net.

730pm- Lightning at Leafs TVA (Canada in French)


7pm- Leafs at Sabres Sportsnet (Canada)

8pm- Flyers at Penguins NBCSN

1030pm- Avalanche at Sharks NBCSN


730pm- Bruins at Red Wings NBCSN


7pm- Blackhawks at Sabres NHL Net.

7pm- Canadiens at Devils Sportsnet (Canada)


2pm- Penguins at Blue Jackets NHL Net.

7pm- Capitals at Senators NHL Net.

7pm- Leafs at Bruins CBC (Canada)

10pm- Flames at Oilers CBC (Canada)


1230pm- Penguins at Flyers NBC

5pm- Canadiens at Panthers Sportsnet (Canada)

730pm- Blues at Blackhawks NBCSN

NHL Thoughts 3/30

1. I like the Rangers to go far, once Lundquvist gets his form back, there is no reason they do not win the East.

2. Tampa is good but, I am not sold on Bishop

3. My dark horse are the Pens,they have the talent to go far.

4. In the West its wide open

5. The Blues and Ducks are my favorites

6. Do not count out the Wild who are hot or the Hawks if Kane comes back

7. I have a Rangers vs  Blues final but, it could change.

NHL Rankings and 3 Stars

Top 10:

1.Ducks, 2. Canadiens, 3. Predators, 4.Rangers, 5. Lightning, 6.Blues, 7.Penguins, 8. Islanders. 9.Blackhawks and 10, Wild

On The Bubble-

1. Red Wings and 2, Jets

3 Stars:

1. Ryan O’Reilly (AVS)- 10 points and 7 assists recently

2..Claude Giroux (Flyers)- 5 goals in the last 10 days

3. Anze Kopitar (Kings) 8 points (2 goals and 6 assists in the last 10 days)


1.Ondrej Pavelec (Jets)- 4 wins in a row him as he has picked up his play recently.

NHL TV Schedule 3/23-29


9pm- Avalanche at Flames NHL Net.


7pm- Kings at Rangers NBCSN

7pm- Blues at Penguins TVA (Canada, French)

10pm- Jets at Canucks Sportsnet (Canada)


8pm- Blackhawks at Flyers NBCSN

8pm- Avalanche at Oilers Sportsnet (Canada)


7pm- Ducks at Bruins NHL Net.


1pm- Rangers at Bruins NHL Net.

8pm- Kings at Wild NHL Net.

10pm- Stars at Canucks CBC (Canada)


3pm- Capitals at Rangers TVA (Canada, French)

730pm- Sharks at Penguins NBCSN

NHL Thoughts 3/22

1. I like the Ducks but, I am not sold on their goaltending

2. The playoffs will be wide open

3. The Rangers are good but, how healthy and ready will Lundquvist be?

4. I like Tampa but is Ben Bishop ready to make it to the next level? They can score for sure

5.  I like Montreal but, do they have the offense?

6. The Blackhawks can be interesting if Kane returns

7. I have the Rangers or Lightning in the East and the Blues or Ducks in the West.

8. This year’s playoffs are wide open.