NHL Thoughts 1/29


1. The Islanders keep winning against top teams

2. Don’t look now but, the Red Wings are in 1st in the Atlantic and 2nd overall, who would have thought that?

3. The Canadiens have played well recently, they have that smart system that could win a series or 2

4. I think Tampa and their offense can go far in the playoffs, but, I am not sold on Ben Bishop  and I am starting to lean towards the Red Wings beating them in the 2nd round but, alot could change.

5. I would watch out for Boston they are due to make a move soon.


1.The Ducks are the team to beat

2. I would not be shocked if the Predators lose in round 2 to the Blues ( in a 2nd rd 2-3 matchup)

3.I like the Blues alot, Brian Elliott is a darn good goalie and they could give the Blackhawks a hard time

4. even though I like the Blues, I still see the Blackhawks making a run with their experience

5. Right now I have a Hawks vs Blues Western Conference Final ( with the Pens vs Lightning in the East)

Note- I have the Pens vs Blackhawks for the cup with the Hawks winning in 7.

Games to watch:

Thursday- Canadiens at Rangers 7pm and Ducks at Sharks 10pm both on NBCSN

Saturday- Kings at Bruins 7pm NHL Net. ( Sabres at Canucks is Friday at 10pm on NHL Net. but, I do not see that as a top game)

Sunday- Blues at Capitals 1pm NBCSN


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