NHL Predictions 1/12-18


Lightning at Flyers 7pm NHL Net. (Flyers Feed)

Why watch- Tampa is one of the better teams

Prediction- The game will be won on forechecking the Flyers can not get into an open game, that will doom them as they do not have the scoring punch the Lightning have. I like Tampa here too much offense. (Tampa win 3-1)


Wild at Penguins 7pm NBCSN

Why watch- The Penguins have a loaded team

Prediction- This is a bad mismatch for the Wild who rely on defense, the Pen’s offense is too much (Pens win 4-1)


Flyers at Capitals 8pm NBCSN

Why watch- Ovechkin and the Caps are having a decent season

Prediction- As long as the Capitals can get chances they should win, they have adapted to more of a smart system which would work well here. (Caps win 4-2)


Rangers at Bruins 7pm NHL Net. (Bruins feed)

Why watch- One of the hottest teams in the Rangers play a good Bruins team

Prediction- The key is who gets their style going, the Rangers’ speed game or the Bruins physical grind out wins style. I like the Rangers here with their speed (Rangers win 2-1)


Capitals at Predators 8pm NHL Net. (Caps feed)

Why watch- A rare chance to see one of the West’s surprising teams in Nashville

Prediction- The Preds need to be careful, the Caps have good talent so they need to play smart, since they are home I am taking the Preds in a close one. (Preds win 4-2)


Leafs at Blues 7pm NHL Net. (HNIC simulcast)

Why watch- The Blues have been a good team and the Leafs can be interesting

Prediction- The Leafs are a good skating team, while the Blues rely on mistakes. I like the Blues grit to be the difference. (Blues win 3-1)

Ducks at Kings 10pm NHL Net. (Kings feed)

Why watch- 2 of the better California teams

Prediction- Do not expect goals, expect a gritty game won on mistakes, the Kings are making alot of those recently (Ducks win 3-2)


Rangers at Penguins 1230pm NBC

Why watch- 2 of the more potent offenses meet plus they are rivals

Prediction- The Rangers struggle in Pittsburgh and I see the Pens squeaking out a win. (Pens win 3-2)

Sabres at Red Wings 8pm NBCSN

Why watch- To see the Red Wings ( not much of a reason here)

Prediction- As long as the Wings play smart they win. (Wins win 4-0)


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