World Juniors Announcers

NHL Network:

1. For the USA games they will use Steve Mears as Play by Play and ex Penguins coach Dan Bylsma as the analyst, they will be live at the Centre Bell for the USA games.

2. For the non USA games that they show ( see schedule-) they will use the TSN guys.


1. The studio team is James Duthie and Bob McKenzie for the group A games at the Centre Bell (Canada and USA group)

2. The Studio team for the Group B games (Russia and Sweden) at the Air Canada Center is Brian Mudryk and Craig Button

3. The Announce team for the Group A games is Gord Miller Play by Play, Ray Ferraro as the analyst and Ryan Rishaug as the rinkside reporter.

4. The announce team for Group B is Dennis Bydak doing Play by Play and Dave Reid is the analyst with Tess Bohomme as the rink side reporter.

5. James Duthie and Bob McKenzie will move to Toronto to do the medal round as will Miller/Ferraro and Rishaug.

Credit- Press Releases


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