NHL Contenders and Pretenders 12/24


1.Ducks- I always liked them, they have the scoring, grit and Andersson has shown to be a number 1

2. Hawks- They are my team to win it all, same nucleus as the last few  seasons

3.Blues- Good mix of players but, is Allen the solution to win it all?

4. Sharks- If they can win the 1st round look out

5. Kings- Right now they are struggling but, the talent is there


1.Jets- Inexperienced

2.Canucks- Just not sold on them yet, could win 1 round

3.Predators- Need goal scoring to go far

Teams to Watch-

1. Wild- Yes, they stink now, but, if they get in they have the roster to make noise

2. Avalanche- They can score

3.Bruins- Size helps as does experience but, scoring and consistency needs to pick up

4.Flyers- They need Mason and Emery to prove themselves.


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