NHL Monthly Report December


1.Tampa, Montreal and Pittsburgh are the 3 main teams in the East.

2. Tampa is main threat to go far, they have the pieces.

3. I do not know if Montreal has the scoring to go far and I dont know if Fleury can be the ace goalie for the Pens.

4. The Islanders I am not sold on, they will be in the playoffs but, they are young.

5. The Rangers are inconsistent right now



1.I like Anaheim the best so far, if Anderson settles into the number 1 role look out

2. The Kings’ lack of scoring could hurt them

3. I am not sure on the Preds yet, want to see more of them

4. The Blues, Blackhawks and Canucks will be pests in the West.

5. The Wild have too many defensive issues to be considered a contender

6. The Sharks are not where they should be

7. I love the way the Flames are playing its great for a hockey loving city in Calgary.


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