NHL End Of October Thoughts


1. Montreal- had a good month, the early good start could be contributed to alot of games at home.

2. Anahiem- The best team in the West so far

3. Chicago- One of the most experienced teams in the league

4. Kings- Same as Chicago

5.Dallas- I did not see them being this good


1. Sabres- To be expected

2. Panthers- Another young team

3. Hurricanes- Losing Jordan Staal hurt them




1. Dallas, 2. NYI,3. Montreal, 4. Calgary and 5. Washington


1. Philly. ,2. Carolina, 3. Colorado, 4. Toronto and 5.Winnipeg


Predictions for November


1. The Canadiens go back to the rest of the pack tougher slate with trips to NY (Rangers), Penguins, Red Wings and they host the Wild, Blackhawks,Penguins, Blues and Bruins. This will show how good they are.

2. Tampa takes 1st in the  Atlantic, I feel they are the best team in that division.One stretch to watch is Nov.8-11th, they play at Columbus, Detroit and Chicago,if they win 2 of those I feel they can be a serious threat, they are still good no matter what.

3. The Metro becomes a 2 team race between the  Rangers and Penguins. The Islanders have a horrible schedule with a 5 game road trip at Avs, Sharks, Ducks, Kings and Coyotes,then they also play at Tampa. Pittsburgh and at Washington the day after Thanksgiving, they also host the Pens. Flyers, Lightning and Devils in a horrendous month. The Rangers will be better than what they have shown, they have alot of home games with road games at Toronto, Philadelphia, Tampa, Pittsburgh and at Buffalo.. They could make some noise with that schedule. The Penguins are tough just with the talent alone.


1.The West will be wide open, especially the Pacific, the Ducks, Kings and Sharks will be a 3 team race all season. All 3 are very good and will in the race all season.

2.The Central will become a 2 team race between the Hawks and Wild.

3. The Flames will continue to battle hard and surprise people.



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