NHL Rankings 10/26

Top 10:

1. Ducks, 2. Canadiens, 3. Wild, 4.Blackhawks, 5. Kings, 6.Islanders, 7. Lightning, 8. Stars, 9. Red Wings and 10.Flames

1. The Ducks are the best team right now, they won the games they are supposed to and this week will show me how good they can be with a tough road test ahead with games at Chicago, Dallas and Colorado

2. Montreal came through their tough week by beating the Wings and Rangers, now they go to western Canada for 3 at Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

3. The Wild are 3rd, yes they do not have as many points as some other teams, but, they did not play as many games, both loses were close and the wins were dominant

4.The Hawks are basically 3 1/2 very good team

5. The Kings are also right up there as well

Not 5:

1. Sabres, 2. Panthers, 3.Jets, 4.Hurricanes and 5.Leafs

1. I took the Oilers and Flames off as they have been playing better

2. The Leafs have looked awful recently, thats why they were included.



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