NHL Preview 10/25 -27


1. TV Game- Bruins at Leafs 7pm (NESN, NHL Net and CBC)

What happens- The Bruins are lacking size with no Chara, the young guys have to step up big time, the Leafs will not be a push over, they will have the energy of the home crowd to get them going, if they play a smart game, they could end up winning this at the end.

Score- Bruins 3-2 Leafs, it won’t be easy but, the Bruins get the win

2. Game of the night- Rangers at Canadiens 7pm (City TV and MSG)

What happens- Expect the Habs to come out hitting, the key is how do the Rangers react to the hits, do they get nasty or do they use their speed to get through the tight defense. In the end I am a Rangers fan, but, I see a hard time for them to win here, this game has the makings of a blow out for the amped up Canadiens.

Score- Rangers 2-5 Canadiens, too much energy for the Rangers to overcome

3. Lightning at Wild 8pm- (Sun sports and FS North)

What happens- This will be the 1st test for the Wild at home since their opening night win over the Avs. The lightning are good and it will show, the key is slowing down Stamkos who is on a tear, the Wild have speed and the Bolts are coming off a Friday win over the Jets.

Score- Lightning 2-4 Wild

4. Capitals at Flames 10pm (CSN DC and CBC)

What happens- The Flames will slow down the Caps speed, but, they will have a hard time doing that for 60 minutes, this is not the Hurricanes they are playing, the Caps are better.

Score- Caps 3-1 Flames


TV Game- Sens at Blackhawks 7pm (City TV, NHL Net and CSN Chi.)

What happens- This will be physical both teams can score, but they dont play the speed system, expect a low scoring game with the Hawks getting the home win.

Score- Sens 2-3 Hawks



1. Wild at Rangers 7pm (FS North and MSG)

What happens- Both teams have speed and expect an up and down game, the Wild are better defensively, and on offense its even, this will be close.

Score- Wild 2-3 Rangers



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