NHL Thoughts on TV and Game Center


1. Once again they are the leaders of the US hockey television scene. They have the best announcers in Emerick, Olyczk, Strader and Engblom. Pierre Mcguire might be annoying but he does know his stuff.

2. The studio is good even Milbury can be annoying at times.

NHL Net-

1. Their live games are good since they use CBC and team feeds

2. Their studio has a very good group with Kevin Weekes, Craig Button and Jaime McClennan among others. They could be used better but, for me they are good.

3. I like the show NHL live with Steve Mears and EJ Hradek since it gets you going for the games.


1. I watch tbe broadcasts on gamecenter, they brought in the broadcasters from CBC who are the best in the game, so they have a very good core of announcers. I have no complaints about them.



1. I love the new inter face they have this season

2. Finding the stats are easier to find and read.

3. Adding the extra cameras is a nice addition to the broadcasts.


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