NHL Preview 10/23 Top 5 games

1. Islanders at Bruins 7pm (MSG + and NESN)

Thoughts – The Islanders lost 2 in a row after a great start to the season, Boston on the other hand is playing better than recently. I think this is  a matchup that  favors the Bruins who have more size and grit, the Islanders have more speed, but, do they have the size to matchup with Boston that’s the question.

What happens- The Islanders will have a tough time with the size and grit of Boston which will lead to a pretty easy Boston win.

Score- Islanders 1-4 Bruins


2. Penguins at Red Wings 730pm ( Root and FS Detroit)

Thoughts- The Pens are coming off a 5-3 loss to the Flyers at home Wednesday, while the Red Wings lost as well 2-1 in ot at Montreal Tuesday. This game will be more offensive minded than the Islanders game, both teams have shown that they can score and have the talent to make this the game of the night.

What happens- Both teams will play a nice tempo game, wont be up and down but, will be a decent pace and will be close.

Score Pens 2-3 Wings


3. Canucks at Blues 8pm (SN Canucks and FS Midwest)

Thoughts- the Canucks are stumbling off of a 6-3 loss to the Stars where they looked bad for 2 periods, they have the talent to be good in goalie Ryan Miller and the Sedin twins. The Blues are  2-2 and have shown signs of being a good team with the players they have ( TJ Oshie, Paul Statsny etc)

What happens- The Canucks will play better than Tuesday, I mean they have the players to be better than that showing on Tuesday, while the Blues being back home will give them the push to win this game.

Score Canucks 2-4 Blues


4. Coyotes at Wild 8pm ( FS Arizona and FS North)

Thoughts- The Coyotes are no push overs, they are a veteran team that has a good core but, they are not a top level squad by any means. The Wild lost 2 road games by close score  (3-1 to the Kings and 2-1 to the Ducks), they have shown they can hang with the big boys.

What happens- This will be a defensive game between 2 teams that  forecheck very well, but, the Wild have the offensive edge and speed edge.

Score Coyotes 1-3 Wild


5. Blue Jackets at Sharks 1030pm (FS Ohio and CSN Cal.)

Thoughts- Columbus is playing well and might not be the best roster by any means, but, they play hard each game. The Sharks are coming off a bad road trip with loses to the Islanders (in a shootout) Rangers and Bruins.

What happens- The Sharks returning home will help them alot, they play very well at the Shark Tank, I do not expect many goals as both teams like to play a dump and chase style, this will be won on who gets the gritty goals.

Score- Jackets 1-3 Sharks


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