NHL TV Primer Update


US TV- no games on here nationally until Thanksgiving week then NBCSN will have games on (about once a month)

Canada TV- No national games



Canada- No national games


US- NBCSN ( this is their version of game of the week called Rivalry night)

Canada- Sportsnet or Sportsnet one ( they usually show Canadian teams one early and 1 late game)


US TV- NHL Network will pickup a local feed of a game to show each week (example Dec 11th is the Hawks at Bruins, most likely this will be the NESN feed that will be shown)

Canada- No national games


US – No national games

Canada- Sportsnet 360 ( they will use the local feed)


US- NHL Network , the games will be a Hockey Night In Canada Broadcast , some CBC and some other feeds ( Nov 8th Wild at Habs City TV)

Canada- Hockey Night In Canada, CBC has the 1st choice of games, then City TV gets 2nd choice and the 3rd choice games go to Sportsnet or FX, note when City skips a week, SN gets 2nd choice and FX 3rd choice)


US: NBC starting in February (1st game is black Friday special with the Rangers at Flyers 1pm, Jan 1st outodoor game Hawks at Caps from Nats Park 1pm, 1st Sunday game is Feb. 8th with Hawks at Blues 1230pm and Feb 15th has Pens at Hawks 1230pm)

US TV- Some Sunday Nights there will be the Hometown Hockey simulcast on NHL Net.(until January)



TSN has no national games but they have this:

1. TSN 3 has all Jets games

2. TSN 4 will have on select Leafs games ( other games are on Sportsnet Ontario)

3. TSN 5 will have on Senators games

4. The Canadiens are no longer on TSN they have their games on either Sportsnet East or City TV Montreal and TDS has most French broadcasts)

5. Sportsnet still has local broadcasts of the Leafs, Canucks, Oilers and Flames. This year they added the rights to the Canadiens as well.


Canada Team Breakdown-

1. Leafs- Sportsnet Ontario or TSN4

2. Habs- Sportsnet East or City TV Montreal

3. Sens- TSN 5

4. Canucks- Sportsnet Pacific

5. Flames- Sportsnet West (Calgary)

6. Oilers- Sportsnet West (Edmonton)



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