NHL Ramblings 10/21


Rangers 4-3 Devils OT,  Sharks 3-5 Bruins, Leafs 5-2 Islanders, Wings 1-2 Canadiens OT,  Coyotes 3-4 Predators OT , Hurricanes 1-3  Jets,  Flyers 0-4 Blackhawks,  Canucks 3-6  Stars,  Panthers 4-3 Avalanche  OT and  Lightning  2-1 Flames OT.


1. Alot of good games made this an awesome hockey night.

2. The Rangers down 3-1 at one time and came back to win it, in a great 3rd period performance.

3. The Islanders had a bad 2nd period after a decent 1st period

4. The Habs scored with under 2 minutes left to tie the game and won it with about 4 mins left in ot.

5. Nice hard working win for the Preds and finally a win for the Jets

6. The Hawks and Stars won and the Stars game was not as close as the final score showed

7. Both the Panthers and Lightning got ot wins, the Lightning turned it on the last 6 minutes and showed how a veteran team plays against a young team, while the Panthers blew a 2-0 lead but, showed resilience and got the extra point in ot.

Top 3 teams of the night-

1. Blackhawks, 2. Stars and 3. Jets

effort of the night- Rangers



Game of the night-

Flyers at Penguins 8pm (NBCSN)

Games of interest-

1. Leafs at Sens 7pm (Sportsnet)

2. Capitals at Oilers 930pm (Sportsnet)


1. Flyers at Pens should be a good one

2. The 2 Sportsnet games should be good, the Oilers are young but, they can score, the Leafs and Sens is an Ontario rivalry.



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