Teams to watch, Struggling teams 10/21-28

1. Sabres- Last place in the Atlantic

Road ahead- at Ducks, Kings, Sharks and Leafs. This is brutal for a struggling team

2. Hurricanes- Last place in the Metro

Road ahead- at Jets, Flames, Oilers and Canucks. The dreaded Canada west trip is no fun at all.

3. Panthers- struggling right now

Road ahead- at Avs and Coyotes. Few games and they could split them.

4. Jets- Were supposed to be better than this.

Road ahead- vs Canes, Lightning and Avalanche. At the Islanders. The 3 home games could get them going, but 2 of those 3 are tough ( Bolts and Avs)

5. Oilers- Young team in last place.

Road ahead-vs Capitals, Canes and Habs. 3 tough teams but at home.

6. Flames- Good road trip can it continue?

Road ahead- vs Lightning,Hurricanes, Capitals and Canadiens, Nice to have a homestand after a good road trip to the Midwest area.


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