Teams To Watch 10/21-28 Hot Teams

1. Senators- won 4 in a row

Road ahead- Vs Toronto and NJ and at Chicago and Columbus. This is a decent schedule with the Blackhawks being the toughest team.

2. Habs- 1st place in the Atlantic

Road ahead- vs Wings and Rangers and at Oilers and Flames. If they can win their home games they are in good shape, the road trip to Alberta is manageable.

3. Islanders-1st place in the Metropolitan Div.

Road ahead- vs Leafs, at Bruins and vs the Stars and Jets. This is a favorable schedule for them 3 games are winnable, Boston will be tough.

4.Blackhawks- One of  the top teams in the West

Road ahead- vs Flyers, at Predators, at Blues, vs Senators and Ducks. Yeesh, this is a very tough schedule

5.Predators- Off to a surprising start and in 1st place in the Central

Road ahead- vs Arizona, Chicago and Penguins. Tough teams at home but, being home makes it better

6..Ducks- Probably the best team in the West

Road ahead- vs Sabres, Jackets and Sharks. At the Hawks. They should go 3-1 here, 3 games are home are winnable and the Hawks will be tough in Chicago.



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