1. Sharks at Bruins 7pm (CSN Cal and NESN)

What happens- The Sharks will hit hard and forecheck, Boston will do the same, this will be a gritty physical contest.

Score- Sharks 1-2 Bruins, they need a big win and will get it.

2.Rangers at Devils 7pm (MSG and MSG +)

What happens- The Rangers will get their chances, the Devils will also get their chances, there will be goals scored, in the end who makes a defensive miscue will lose this game. Right now the Rangers’ defense is suspectable.

Score- Rangers 3-4 Devils, the defense lets the Rangers down.

3. Flyers at Blackhawks 830pm (CSN Phil., CNS Chi. and NBCSN)

What happens- Expect a physical game, the more physical the better for the Flyers, but, the Blackhawks are better and it will show in the last minutes of the 3rd.

Score- Flyers 2-3 Hawks, it will be tough but, the Hawks get the points.


1. Leafs at Sens 7pm (Sportsnet)

What happens- The Leafs will like to play an up tempo game while the Sens will force the game along the boards and get the puck free from there to create chances.

Score- Leafs 1-3 Sens, the Sens play a smarter game

2. Flyers at Penguins 8pm (NBCSN)

What happens- The Flyers will be on a back to back, the Pens are not on a back to back, the Pens will use their speed and get the game fast, the Flyers will be tired, so in the end, this will not really show the true Flyers team.

Score- Flyers 1-5 Pens, it will be ugly.


1, Cancuks at Blues 8pm (SN Cancucks , FS Midwest and NHLN)

What happens- The Blues are a defense 1st team, that counter attacks, while the Canucks are more of an up tempo speed team. The Canucks will get their chances but, the Blues are the more sound team.

Score- Lightning 3-4 Blues, another close game won in the last minutes maybe ot or shootout.

2. Blue Jackets at Sharks 1030pm (FS Ohio and CSN Cal)

What happens- Both teams play a smart system relying on turnovers to get offense, the Sharks have the size advantage and that will be the difference

Score- Jackets 1-4 Sharks, too much size


1. Canucks at Avalanche 9pm (SN1 and Altitude)

What happens- This will have goals, both teams can push the tempo and both can score, the difference is who plays smarter in the 3rd.

Score- Cancuks 2-4 Avs, the Avalanche speed is the difference in the 3rd.





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