NHL Games To Watch 10/18-24 and Predictions Part 1


1. Avs at Canadiens 7pm (Atltitude and City TV)

What happens- The Avalanche will get their chances with their speed but the  Canadiens are a smart disciplined team.

Score- Avs 2-3 Canadiens, tight game won in the last 10 minutes,

2.Sharks at Devils 7pm (CSN Cal and MSG +)

What happens- This will be  won along the boards, the Sharks are physical and will try to forecheck well and get turnovers to score with their size, the Devils are a smart team who if they play smart can win this game.

Score- Sharks 4-2 Devils, too much size for the Devils to handle

3. Lightning at Canucks 10pm (Sunsports and CBC)

What happens-Expect goals, these teams are basically tied with 3.3 goals a game, both play the same style so expect a close one.

Score- Lightning 4-3 Canucks, its a close one but the Bolts escape.


Wild at Kings 3pm (FS north and FS West)

What happens- A chess match, neither team is offensive friendly style wise, both like to force the play into the center of the ice and keep players back in the neutral zone. Who ever makes a mistake will lose this game.

Score- Wild 1-2 Kings, zzzz

2. Sharks at Rangers 5pm (CSN Cal and MSG)

What happens- The Rangers will try to use their speed to get going, but, the Sharks size will be the problem

Score– Sharks 3-1 Rangers, size matters


1. Lightning at Oilers 930pm (Sunsports and SN Oilers)

What happens- This will be an open game, the Oilers will come to play but, they do not have enough.

Score- Lightning 4-2 Oilers, too much talent for the Oilers to handle.




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