Hockey Team Breakdowns East

Boston- This is a team that relies on their defense and size to win games, they will get their wins on turnovers, but, they are not a finesse team that can win in high scoring affairs.

Buffalo- They are very young, might not be fun to watch this season as they are going through growing pains, give them a few seasons to get on track.

Carolina- Injuries have hurt this squad, with no Jordan Staal for a few months, they have went to a style of keeping the players behind the puck and hoping for turnovers to get points and a few wins.

Columbus- They might not be the most fun team in the NHL, but, they play hard each game, do they have the talent of top teams? No, but they will grind out wins with what they have.

Detroit- They are a team that is young, but has a good talent level with guys like Datsyuk, Howard and others. They like to force their opponents to the board where they will take the puck and use their speed to get chances.

Florida- Another young squad, they have Luongo in goal which helps, but, they do not have the talent to really push anyone this season.

Montreal-They do not play the most exciting brand of hockey, but , they will be tough to beat, they have alot of grit and will win the small battles, I see them as a playoff team.

New Jersey-They have a few of the older players in the league, this team does not many years left as they are up there,will they win the cup no, but, they can cause havoc with their level of experience.

NY Islanders-One of my dark horse teams, they are young, but, they can skate well and move the puck and with Halak and Johnson in goal, I could see them making the playoffs.

NY Rangers- They are another team to watch, they can skate well and are loaded with talent, once they get things settled, they will be tough to beat.

Ottawa- They got younger and more physical this offseason, but they will not be a walkover at all, they will play hard to say the least

Philadelphia- They have size, but,they do not have scoring depth

Pittsburgh- One of the best teams in the league, they can skate and have depth

Tampa- One of the best teams once they get things figured out, they have speed and size

Washington- They will be tough because of Ovechkin and Backstrom, but I am not sold on Holtby in goal.


Playoff teams-

1. Tampa, 2. Pittsburgh, 3.Boston, 4. Montreal, 5. NYR, 6. NJD, 7. NYI and 8. Philadelphia

Toronto- The same team as last year, they can skate well but, too inconsistent



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