Hockey Breakdown West

1. I will say one thing, the west is loaded and I feel the West will have the cup champion come June.

Anahiem- They lost Selanne to retirement but, they added Ryan Keslar, to an already deep team and a talented team that will be tough

Arizona- They are not the best team, but, they will play hard and skate hard each game, talent wise they are over matched but, that does not lead to defeat as they will play hard.

Calgary- Just like Arizona , they are over matched, but, they will not be an easy win, they will play hard each game and rarely get blown out. They are not loaded on talent but, with Jonas Hiller in goal they could make teams not want to play them especially at home.

Chicago-Once again they are loaed as always, the usual suspects lead them Sharp, Toews and Kane. They are a team that will be fun to watch and can go far.

Colorado- This is a young team, that once they are healthy will be tough, they can skate well and move the puck well, with their speed and high altitude of Denver, they will be tough.

Dallas- Just like Calgary, they will play hard and they have more talent, they could end up as an 8th seed and make their 1st round opponent sweat

Edmonton- This is probably the Western equivalent of the Sabres, young team going through growing pains right now, they will be better soon

LA- One of the cup favorties, same team as last season, they can be very tough since its the same nucleus, they do not score alot of goals and will win games 2-1 or 1-0 alot.

Minnesota- They could be a surprise team, with the talent they have plus adding Vanek and the good development of the young players, they might not score alot of goals, but, could rack up the wins in the end.

San Jose- A team that is good during the season, but struggles in the playoffs, talent wise they are very good, if they can get over their playoff troubles the Sharks can make a run.

St. Louis- Another deep team, will not score goals but will be tough.

Winnipeg- Alot like Calgary, young team, that is fiesty and will play hard especially at home.

Vancouver- They are a dark horse, new coach and a new goaltender in Ryan Miller, they will not be a walkover.


Playoff teams-

1. LA. Chicago, 3.Minnesota, 4. San Jose, 5.Colorado,6. St. Louis, 7. Vancouver and 8.Dallas

Nashville- I am still not sure of them, they went from a defensive style to more of an open style but, with the same roster as before, just like Colorado they can skate and will be tough.


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