NHL Thoughts 10/13

1. Tampa will be good this season, they have the talent to be contenders, once they get the chenisrty down packed look out.

2. Boston will always have the problem of scoring goals, they have to win games ugly, its just the players they have are not scoring machines.

3. There are 2 games that I am looking forward to watching, 1. Islanders at Rangers, this will show me how good these teams can be and 2. Sharks at Capitals, the Sharks looked good so far but, the Caps are not no walkovers.

4. I can not figure out why Buffalo at Carolina is on the NBCSN Tuesday game of the week, this is a dud, neither team is going anywhere this season, I would have chosen the Sharks at Caps , Devils at Lightning or Stars at Blue Jackets.

5. Wednesday is rivalry night and 2 historic teams in Boston and Detroit make sense.

6. The next 3 rivalry games are Bruins at Wings, Flyers at Pens and Wings at Caps.

7. Tomorrow is an awesome sports day with good hockey and the NLCS at 4pm with the Cards at Giants on FS1 and at 8pm its the ALCS with the O’s at Royals at 8pm on TBS.


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