Teams to watch and Teams to ignore

Like me if you have Gamecenter or Center Ice there are the teams to watch and teams to skip watching.



Teams to watch-

1.Penguins- They have Crosby and other good players, usually end up being a fun team to watch.

2. Rangers- With the likes of Nash, St. Louis and Lundquvist, watching the Rangers can’t go wrong.

3. Lightning- They have Stamkos who is always a pleasure to watch

4. Blue Jackets- Yong team that plays bard

5.Islanders- They play an offensive style of hockey

6. Flyers- Very physical and fun at times


1. Bruins- Yes they are good but, most games are low scoring and dull.

2. Canadiens- See Bruins

3. Devils- Another dull team


1. Sabres- They are young and will lose alot

2. Hurricanes- With no Jordan Staal they do not have a player to watch

3. Panthers- No fans, dull arena and boring team.


Teams to watch-

1. Blackhawks- With the lineup they have games will be interesting

2. Kings- Might not have the highest scoring games but, they are the defending champs which leads me to stay up late.

3. Sharks- They are bad in the playoffs but, fun to watch

4. Wild- (I live in MN, so I gotta watch them on TV) Loaded lineup

5. Blues- Deep team, offensive style and great fans

6. Avalanche- Offensive minded team


1. Predators-I never found their games exciting

2. Dallas- Dull

3.Ducks- Rarely high scoring

4. Oilers- They do have good young players but, they always lose


1. Jets- Awful, but, their home games are fun because of their support

2. Flames- Same as Jets

3.Arizona- See Florida


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