NHL Ramblings 10/7

Surprise Teams:


1. Islanders- They made the movies they needed to, adding Boyachuk and Leddy to the Blueline, Grabovski was added to the Center position and Halak and Johnson to goal. If these players play to their potential there is no reason why the Isles miss the playoffs.

2.Blue Jackets- With almost the same team as last season, I expect them to make a run and maybe into round 2.

3. Red Wings- If they stay healthy, they have the roster to  really be a competitive team


1. Wild- I have them being a tough team to beat, now they got Backstrom and Kuemper in goal with a good scoring core, they added Vanek to an already good frontline.

2.Blues- As long as Brian Elliott does well in goal they will be fine.

3. Ducks- They lost Selanne but, still are deep


Contenders and Pretenders:



1. Rangers- As long as Lundquvist is in goal they have a chance.

2.Lightning- Stamkos needs to stay healthy, if he does they can make the Eastern Finals.

3. Pens- They brought back almost the same team as last season and with a healthy Crosby look out.

4.Bruins- They have the size, just need to figure out the scoring.


1. Flyers- I do not know if Mason is a legit number 1

2. Canadiens- They did not make any moves and lost Gorges to the Sabres

3.Leafs- Lost a few players

4.Capitals- I am not sold on them



1. Kings- Same nucleus as last season

2. Hawks- They added Richards to an already deep team

3. Wild- They have the pieces

4.Ducks- They added Kesler to take Selanne’s spot


1. Sharks- They have the same team that Choked last year

2. Blues- I do know how good Brian Elliott is

3.Avalanche- The young players need to step up

4. Canucks- Too many changes, but, if things fall right they could be a contender especially if Ryan Miller regains form.



1. The Rangers play well but, lose to the Lightning in the conference finals.

2. The Pens make it to the 2nd round and lose to the Rangers

3. The Islanders make the playoffs but lose to the Lightning round 1

4. The Lightning end up playing for the cup.

top 4 seeds- 1. Lightning, 2. Penguins, 3. Rangers and 4. Bruins


1. The Kings dominate and make it to the finals

2. The Sharks end up losing in round 2 and lose to the Kings again

3. The Wild end up the 3rd seed and lose to the Hawks again in 7.

4. The Hawks make it back to the Western Finals and lose to the Kings.

Top 4 seeds- 1. Kings, 2. Hawks, 3. Wild and 4.Sharks


East Final- Lightning vs Rangers- Lightning in 6

West Final- Kings vs Hawks- Kings in 7

Final- Kings vs Lightning- Kings in 5



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