TV Prediction Blog 10/8-12

1. Flyers at Bruins 730pm NBCSN (Wednsday)

Prediction- This will not have many goals, both teams have size on defense and play a gritty style of hockey using their size. The game will be won on turnovers.

Score- Flyers 1-2 Bruins, do not expect offense, if you like defense and hitting this is for you.

2. Sharks at Kings 10pm NBCSN (Wednesday)

Prediction- The Kings will get the game where they like it, dump and chase and win the game along the boards. The Sharks would like to win the forechecking battle to have a good chance, but I do not see that happeing.

Score- Sharks 1-3 Kings

3. Avs at Wild 9pm NBCSN (Thursday)

Prediction- Opposite styles, the Avs like to skate with the puck and use their speed, while the Wild will like to win the game with defense and get the turnover battle won, which would mean getting the puck off mistakes and using their speed. On paper the Wild have the better scorers, but, the Avs have speed.

Score- Avs 2-3 Wild

4. Pens at Leafs 7pm NHL Net. (Saturday)

Prediction- This will be an open ice game, both teams use their speed and have the skill players, the Leafs need to be careful of getting too open as the Pens have Crosby and Malkin. I like the Pens here with their skill set being better in an open ice game.

Score- Pens 4-2 Leafs

5. Leafs at Rangers 7pm NHL Net. (Sunday)

Prediction- This will be like the Pens Leafs game, a game with alot of speed and open ice, I like the Rangers here they are the better team plus, its a back to back for Toronto.

Score- Leafs 1-4 Rangers


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