NHL Breakdown East


1. This is a two team race between the Bruins and Lightning.

2. The Lightning have the better offense while the Bruins’ defense is better, the key is the better goalie and thats a toss up as Bishop has improved for the Bolts.

3. The Sabres are young but are going to be better than last season.

4. The Leafs could get the 8th seed, if things fall the right way.

5. The Sens and Habs are question marks, with Alfredsson retiring for the Sens and the Habs losing Gorges.

6. The Wings will be tough as always.



1. This is the better division in the East, with the Pens, Rangers, Flyers and even the Islanders being good this season.

2. The Rangers are the favorites here, as long as they do not have major injuries they will win the Metropolitan.

3. The Pens will always be good as long as they have Crosby.

4. The Flyers are always competitive, the Islanders have good scoring and now have 2 good goalies in Jarslav Halak and Chad Johnson

5. The Devils are young and have question marks.


Playoff teams: Rangers, Lightning, Bruins, Penguins, Flyers, Red Wings, Islanders and Leafs


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