NHL Preview



1. Tampa, 2. Boston, 3.Detroit, 4. Toronto, 5. Montreal, 6.Ottowa, 7. Buffalo and 8. Florida


1. The Bruins and Lightning are the class of this division, they both have depth and the players to go far, the last 3 spots are interchangeable

Teams to watch- Sabres and Leafs



1. NYR ,2. Pittsburgh, 3. Philadelphia, 4.NYI, 5. Columbus, 6. Washington, 7.Carolina and 8. NJ


1. The Rangers kept the same team as last season and they will be just as good ( I will preview the 3 NY/NJ in another blog)

2. The Islanders are much improved in their weakness of goaltending by adding Jaroslov  Halak and Chad Johnson.

Teams to watch- Islanders , Blue Jackets and Columbus




1. St. Louis, 2. Chicago, 3. Minnesota, 4. Colorado, 5. Nashville, 6. Dallas and 7. Winnipeg


1. This division is wide opem, all top 4 teams could win the division and go far.

Teams to watch- Minnesota and Colorado


1. LA, 2. San Jose, 3.Vancouver, 4. Anaheim, 5. Arizona, 6. Edmonton and 7. Calgary


1. This is a 3 team race between LA, San Jose and the Canucks.

Team to watch- Anaheim.




Conference Finals :

East- Tampa vs NYR


West- LA vs St. Louis


Cup- LA vs Tampa


Winner- LA in 6




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