NHL Western Semifinals Preview

Anahiem vs LA- Probably the best series of the 2 in the west, both teams know each other well

what happens- I expect all close games, both teams have players that can score and both can forecheck well

PickDucks in 7, very close, but, the Ducks are just a small tad better

Chicago vs Minnesota– The Blackhawks are better on paper no matter how anyone wants to spin it

what happens– The Wild will play hard and make it tough, but, they do not have what the Hawks do.

Pick- Hawks in 5, 5 close games but thats what I expect

NHL Eastern Conference Semifinal Predictions

Boston vs Montreal- This is the classic rivalry matchup between 2 teams that do not like each other

what happens- expect defensive minded games with 2-1 scores, all close games but the Briuns have the size edge

Pick- Bruins in 6

Penguins vs Rangers- This series pits 2 of the more offensive teams left in the playoffs

what happens- I see each game being 4-2 or 3-2 kind of games

Pick- Pens in 7, too much offense for a good Rangers team


Bruins vs Pens- Bruins in 6