How will the Rangers and Wild Fair? 1/27-2/8


Wednesday at Islanders 730pm NBCSN at Yankee Stadium ( Win),  Friday vs Islanders 7pm NHL Net. ( win), Tuesday 2/4 vs Colorado 7pm ( loss), Thursday 2/6 vs Oilers ( win) and Friday 2/7 at Pens NHL Net. ( loss)

record- 3-2


Tuesday at Ducks 10pm ( loss), Thursday at Avs 9pm ( loss), Saturday at Flames 10pm CBC ( win), Tuesday 2/4 vs Lightning 8pm ( win) and Thursday 2/6 vs Preds ( win)

record 3-2

Rangers and Wild Weekly Preview 1/19-26


Sunday vs Capitals 730pm  NBCSN ( win), Tuesday vs Islanders 7pm ( win), Thursday vs Blues ( loss) and Sunday vs Devil at Yankee Stadium 1230pm NBC ( loss)

I have them splitting the week but they could beat the Devils.


Tuesday at Stars 8pm NBCSN ( win), Thursday vs Blackhawks 8pm ( loss) and Saturday at Sharks 10pm ( loss)

Tough schedule with a west coast swing next week ( Sat at Sharks, Tues at Ducks, Thurs at Avs and Sat 2/1 at Flames)

NHL Rankings 1/18

Top 10:

1. Ducks,2. Blackhawks, 3.Penguins, 4.Blues, 5.Sharks, 6. Avalanche, 7.Kings, 8. Lightning, 9. Canucks and 10. Canadiens


1. Ducks, 2. Pens, 3.Blue Jackets, 4. Sharks and 5. Leafs


1.Oilers, 2. Flames,  3. Canucks, 4.Capitals and 5. Stars

NHL Schedule 1/14-1/19

Tuesday-  Flyers at Sabres 730pm NBCSN

Wednesday- Capitals at Penguins 8pm NBCSN

Thursday- Kings at Blues 8pm NBCSN

Friday- Ducks at Hawks NHL Net.

Saturday- Rangers at Senators 2pm NHL Net. ( CBC simulcast) and Canadiens at Leafs 7pm NHL Net. ( CBC simulcast)

Sunday- Capitals at Rangers 7pm NBCSN

NHL Rankings 1/11

Top 10:

1. Ducks, 2. Penguins, 3. Blackhawks, 4.Blues, 5.Sharks, 6. Kings, 7. Avalanche, 8.Lightning, 9. Canucks and 10.Canadiens

no changes in replacement just the Ducks are number 1 now


1. Ducks, 2. Pens, 3. Rangers, 4. Lightning and 5. Sens

Changes- Out- Blues In- Rangers


1. Leafs, 2.Jets, 3. Flames, 4. Coyotes and 5. Bruins

Changes In- Jets, Leafs and Bruins  Out- Kings, Oilers and Predators