World Juniors Day 5 Review and Day 6 Preview

Day 5:

Group A: Canada 5-3 Slovakia and Czech Republic 0-3 Germany

Group B: Russia 1-4 Finland and Switzerland 3-2 Norway

Day 6:

Group A: 730am- Slovakia vs Czech Republic and 1130am- USA vs Canada both games on TSN and NHL Net. ( 1st game will be TSN simulcast on NHL Net, and the 2nd game will be own announcers on NHL Net.)

Group B: 9am- Sweden vs Russia and 1pm- Finland vs Switzerland .


World Juniors Day 3 Review and Day 4 Preview

Day 3:

Group A: USA 6-3 Slovakia and Canada 4-5 Czech. Rep. ( shootout)

Group B: Sweden 4-2 Finland and Russia 7-1 Switzerland

Day 4 :

Group A : ( at the Malmo Issatadion) 9am- USA vs Germany ( on NHL Net. and TSN) NHL Net will use their own announcers of Steve Mears and Dave Starman who will call the games from Toronto.

Group B: ( at the Malmo Arena) 1130am- Norway vs Sweden.

World Junior Day 2 Review and Day 3 Preview

Day 2:

Group A: Slovakia 9-2 Germany and Group B: Finland 5-1 Norway.

Thoughts- Norway and Germany are looking to be headed to the relegation round

Day 3:

Group A : (Games at the Malmo Isstadion) 730am- USA vs Slovakia and 1130am- Canada vs Czech Rep. ( both games are on NHL net. and TSN)

Group B: (Games at the Malmo Arena) 9am- Sweden vs Finland and 1pm- Russia vs Switzerland

Best games:

group a- Canada vs Czech Rep.

Group b- both games should be good but, Sweden Finland is better.