Rangers and Wild Review and Preview


Review- Decent week, 2-1 record with a loss to the Canadiens (2-0) and then wins at home against the Sabres (2-0) and the Hurricanes (5-1).

Preview- Monday- vs Ducks 730pm NBCSN, Wednesday- vs Pens 8pm NBCSN, Thursday at Blue Jackets 7pm and Sunday vs Panthers 7pm

How they will fair- I have them losing to the Ducks and Pens but beating the Jackets and Panthers (2-2)


Review- 1-1 This past week, lost to the Blackhawks Monday (5-1) but beat the Canadiens on Friday (4-3).

Preview- Sunday vs Devils 8pm, Tuesday vs Flames 8pm, Thursday at Capitals 7pm and Saturday at Carolina 7pm.

How they will fair- 3-1 week I have for them, beating the Devils, Flames and Hurricanes but lose to the Capitals.


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