NHL Weekend Breakdown


Canucks at Rangers 2pm NHL Net.

What Happens- This will be a offensive game both teams can score plus the coaches are playing for other teams now, in the end the Rangers get a close win. Canucks 2 Rangers 4

Leafs at Canadiens 7pm NHL Net./CBC

What Happens- In a physical game. the Leafs score in the end of the game to win. Leafs 3 Habs 2

Flames at Kings 10pm CBC

What Happens- The Flames play hard but lose to a better team. Flames 1 Kings 3.

NHL TV Schedule 11/25-12/1


Wild at Blues 8pm NBCSN


Ducks at Stars 8pm NBCSN


Bruins at Red Wings 730pm NBCSN


Canucks at Sens 730pm NHL Net.


Rangers at Bruins 1pm NBC

Canadiens at Capitals 5pm NBCSN

Blackhawks at Stars 830pm NBCSN


Canucks at Rangers  2pm NHL Net.

Leafs at Candiens 7pm NHL Net/CBC

Flames at Kings 10pm CBC

NHL Predictions 11/25-12/1

11/25- Wild at Blues 8pm NBCSN- Wild 1 Blues 3

11/26- Ducks at Stars 8pm NBCSN- Ducks 3 Stars 2

11/27- Bruins at Red Wings 730pm NBCSN- Bruins 3 Wings 1

11/28- Canucks at Sens 730pm NHL Net.– Canucks 4 Sens 2

11/29- Rangers at Bruins 1pm NBC- Rangers 1 Bruins 2

11/29- Canadiens at Capitals 5pm NHL Net.- Habs 3 Caps 2

11/29- Blackhawks at Stars 830pm NHL Net.- Hawks 4 Stars 2

11/30- Canucks at Rangers 2pm NHL Net.- Canucks 2 Rangers 3

11/30- Leafs at Canadiens  7pm NHL Net.- Leafs 3 Habs 2

Canada TV Games:

11/27- Leafs at Pens 730pm TSN- Leafs 2 Pens 4

11/27- Blackhawks at Flames 10pm TSN– Hawks 4 Flames 1

11/30- Leafs at Canadiens 7pm CBC- Leafs 3 Habs 2

11/30- Flames at Kings 10pm CBC- Flames 1 Kings 3

NHL Rankings

Top 10: 1. Hawks, 2. Ducks, 3. Wild 4. Bruins, 5.Sharks, 6.Kings, 7.Coyotes, 8. Pens, 9. Lightning and 10. Wings

Hot: 1.Kings, 2. Bruins, 3.Stars, 4. Preds and 5.Caps

Not: 1. islanders 2. Sabres, 3. Panthers, 4.Oilers and 5. Flames

NHL Preview 11/21-24


Blues at Bruins ( Bruins’ feed)730pm NHL Net.- . Blues 2 Bruins 3

Rangers at Stars 830pm- Rangers 1 Stars 2.


Canes at Bruins 1pm NHL Net. ( Bruins’ feed)- Canes 1 Bruins 3

Wild at Jets 3pm- Wild 3 Jets 1

Capitals at Leafs 7pm NHL Net./ CBC- Caps 3 Leafs 2

Pens at Habs 7pm CBC- Pens 3 Habs 1

Sens at Wings 7pm CBC- Sens 1 Wings 4

Rangers at Predators 8pm– Rangers 3 Preds 2

Hawks at Canucks 10pm NHL Net./CBC- Hawks 4 Canucks 2.