NHL Preview 10/26

3pm- Oilers at Coyotes

7pm- Devils at Bruins, Penguins at Leafs CBC, Sharks at Canadiens CBC, Rangers at Wings NHLN,  Sabres at Lightning, Jets at Stars CBC and Flyers at Islanders

8pm- Wild at Blackhawks and Blues at Predators

10pm- Capitals at Flames

Best games- Pens at Leafs, Sharks at Canadiens and Caps at Flames

Picks- Coyotes, Bruins, Leafs,Sharks,Stars, Red Wings, Flyers, Lightning, Blackhawks,Blues and Caps.

Predictions of big games:

1. Pens at Leafs- This will be fast and quick tempo, if the Leafs can play smart they can sneak out a win, both teams are playing a back to back Leafs are in Columbus and Pens are home for Islanders, so it might be more slower than expected, in the end the Pen’s experience gets a goal in the 3rd to win.

Pens 4 Leafs 3

2. Sharks at Canadiens- If the Habs want to have a shot they gotta drag the game to a crawl, they do not have the  offensive talent to get into a high scoring game, in the end it wont be pretty but the Sharks have enough offense to beat a decent but not great Habs team.

Sharks 3 Habs 1 ( empty netter at the end)

3. Caps at Flames- The Caps can score with the best of them, with Ovechkin and Green, but their defense is suspect, the Flames are not talented, but, they do work their butts off and will make this game very competitive at the dome. In the end the Caps get a win just based on talent level. but the Flames make it close.

Caps 3 Flames 2

4. Rangers at Wings- This is a mismatch on paper, right now the Rangers are not doing well, the Wings are one of the best teams, if Lundquvist is back in goal it would not batter, the speed will be too much for the Rangers to handle, the Rangers will have to get into a quick paced game and just go for it to have any chance here.

Rangers 1 Wings 4

5. Wild at Blackhawks- With Backstrom playing at less than 100 percent, this is trouble, the Hawks will pound away and get chances and win the battles to get a victory by a few goals. The Wild can not score many goals and against the caliber team of Chicago that will be hard.

Wild 1 Hawks 4.


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