10/10 Preview

There are alot of games I will breakdown the better ones

Avs at Bruins 7pm,  Jackets  at Sabres 7pm,Canes at Caps 7pm, Coyotes at Red Wings 730pm NBCSN, Panthers at Lightning 730pm,Leafs at Predators 8pm, Jets at Wild 8pm, Canaidens at Oilers 930pm, Rangers at Ducks 10pm and Sharks at Canucks 10pm.

Best games:

Avs at Bruins 7pm

Breakdown– Both teams are playing well, the Avs are 3-0 and this will be their 1st  challenge, The Bruins are bigger and stronger so if the Avalanche want to win they got to use their speed to create chances, if they get slowed down Boston will win.

What happens- The Avalanche will keep it close foe 2 periods but the B’s size will wear them out in a physical game

Score 4-2 Bruins

Coyotes at Wings 730pm NBCSN

Breakdown- The Yotes are not a good team, they have looked bad in their last 2 games, after winning against the Rangers they have looked sluggish. They are a team that relies on defense to win games, if the Wings can create chances and score some goals they will win.

What happens– The Wings will create alot of chances against a sub par Coyotes team, the Yotes do not have the scoring power to get into shootouts with other teams ( case in point look at the Islanders game)

Score- 5-1 Wings

Sharks at Canucks 10pm Center Ice 

Breakdown– Last week these clubs met with the Sharks winning 4-1, this is the 1st road game for San Jose after dominating the Canucks, Coyotes and Rangers at the Shark Tank. The Sharks will try to use their size to create chances by crashing the net, the Canucks have the speed to make this game fast, but can they slow down a bigger team?

What happens– This will be a  competitive  game as both teams can move the puck well, there will be scoring  chances, with the Sharks size being the overall edge

Score- 4-2 Sharks


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