10/9 Preview

3 games tonight

Best Game: Blackhawks at Blues 8pm NBCSN-

Breakdown–  Expect a physical game, if the Hawks want to win, they have to close up the nuetreal zone and make the game slow, it might not be their style but they have to use their size if they have any chance, while for the Blues they have to move the puck, they do not have the size advantage, but they have the speed advantage.

What happens- It will be a war, both teams do not like each other, I think the Blues will get enough offense to win a close game.

Score- 3-2 Blues

Canadiens at Flames 8pm TSN

Breakdown– This is the total opposite of the Hawks Blues game, both teams are not top level teams, the Habs will be trying to get a lower seed in the playoffs while the Flames are rebuilding. If the Canadiens are to win, they need to play it smart, the Flames might not be talented but they work hard and will out work you. The Flames need to not fall into a defensive game which is what Montreal would want.

What happens– There won’t be much fireworks in this game, I expect a low scoring game won on turnovers or special teams.

Score- 2-1 Canadiens

Senators at Kings 1030pm- Center Ice

Breakdown– This is a tough one to predict, the Sens got Bobby Ryan and are better than last yr, but , the Kings are supposed to be a top team but 3 games in its not showing. Both teams play the same style as both like to play a defense 1st game.

What happens– This will be  chess match, whoever takes the most penalties will lose

Score- 2-1 Kings



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