NY Rangers Weekly Predictions

Note- MSG- Madison Square Garden TV

Monday– Rangers at Kings 1030pm (MSG)

Keys to win– Play smart, do not force the play against a smart defensive system the Kings play and beware of the 1st 10 minutes as the King’s home opner will come out flying.

What happens– The Kings will get a goal in the early stages that will set the stage for Rangers to battle back but, the Kings will clamp down on the Rangers and make the end of the game dull and boring.

Score- Rangers 1 Kings 3

TuesdayRangers at Sharks 1030pm( MSG)

Key– Do not make mistakes, the Sharks are very tough to beat and making mistakes will make it tougher to win, keep the front of the net clear, the Sharks like to attack the net alot.

What happens- This is like a boxing mismatch, the Rangers are faster but the Sharks are stronger, the Sharks will muscle their way to  a win.

Score– Rangers 2 Sharks 4

Thursday- Rangers at Ducks 10pm (MSG)

Keys– This is winnable, the Ducks play a smart defensive system the main way to beat them is do not let them get their speed game going, if they can play it smart a win is possible

What happens– The Ranger’s speed is too much for the Ducks it might not be pretty but it will be a win.

Score– Rangers 3 Ducks 1

SaturdayRangers at Blues 8pm (MSG)

Keys– This is another tough game, the Blues have speed and size, the key to win here, is eliminate turnovers and slow the game down

What happens- The Blues are hot so far. they will use their size and speed here.

Score- Rangers 1 Blues 5

Next week:

Wednesday at Caps 7pm NBCSN  and Saturday ( 11/19) at Devils 7pm MSG.


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