Minnesota Wild Weekly Predictions

Tuesday– Wild at Predators 8pm (FSN North)

Keys– These are 2 teams that dump and chase, this will be a chess match, to win is to play smart and do the fundamental things right

What happens– This will be physical but, dull

Score– Wild 1 Preds 2

Thursday – Jets at Wild 8pm (FSN North)

Keys- Just like the Preds game, it will be a defensive chess match, the Wild do have more speed than the Jets though, so use the speed game to win

What happens- It will be low scoring but the Wild have more offense to win

Score- Jets 1 Wild 3

Saturday- Stars at Wild 8pm( FSN North)

Keys– Do not fall behind early, the Stars would like to get a lead then play the full blown neutral zone trap

What happens– Another phsyical game, against the ex Minnesota team, the energy level will be high, it will be fun

Score– Stars 1 Wild 3

Next Week:

4 game road trip- Monday – Wild at Sabres 730pm NBCSN, Tuesday – at Leafs 7pm FSN North, Thursday– at Lightning 730pm FSN North and Saturday -at Panthers 7pm FSN North


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