Weekend Preview

Bold= best games


Sens at Sabres 7pm, Islanders at Devils 7pm, Wings at Canes 7pm, Flames at Jackets 7pm, Kings at Jets 8pm and Preds at Avs 830pm.


Wings at Bruins 7pm, Sens at Leafs 7pm, Flyers at Habs 7pm, Jackets at Islanders 7pm, Sabres at Pens 7pm, Lightning at Hawks 8pm, Panthers at Blues 8pm, Caps at Stars 8pm, Ducks at Wild 8pm, Oilers at Canucks 10pm and Coyotes at Sharks 1030pm.

TV: Wings at Bruins 7pm NHLN , Sens at Leafs or Flyers at Habs 7pm CBC and Oilers at Canucks 10pm CBC.


Flyers at Canes 5pm, Ducks at Jets 8pm and Canucks at Flames 8pm.


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