NHL West Preview

Thoughts- This is Selanne’s last season and I think they could make the playoffs, they have a decent team, but are in a tough division
Placement- 6th

Thoughts- When they traded iginla they basically said they are rebuilding and now they lost Kiprusoff to retirement
Placement- 7th

Thoughts- With basically the same team that won the cup, the Hawks will be in the mix again

New faces-none
Thoughts- With Patrick Roy as coach and a young nucleus they will be spoilers this year and contenders in a few

<strong>New faces</strong>- Tyler Seguin ( Boston) and Shawn Horcoff (Oilers)
<strong>Thoughts</strong>- My darkhorse team, got Horcoff which will be good and a good goalie in Lehtonen
<strong>Placement-</strong> 4th

Thoughts- They are young but finally in the playoffs this season

Los Angeles
Thoughts- same team as last season, but they got a very good team and will be a tough put in the playoffs
Placement 1st

New faces- Matt Cooke (Pens) and Nino Niederreiter (Isles)
Thoughts- I expect big seasons from Suter and Parise, they can be a serious threat if they play the way they can
Placement- 3rd

Thoughts- They will battle for the 8th seed and will be close to making it
Placement- 5th

Thoughts- Decent team in a hard division
Placement- 5th

San Jose
Thoughts Another team with small changes, they will be tough as always
Placement – 3rd

Saint Louis
Thoughts- They will be right in the mix with a nice young team

Thoughts- With a new coach in John Tortorella, and a new defensive system that will require blocking shots and forechecking they could be better than last season
Placement 2nd

Thoughts- A young team that will get better
Placement- 7th


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